Resource Apps for IT Professionals

Information security is paramount to our technology use. Norton estimates that global cybercrime costs $112 billion annually in fraud, repair, theft and loss. The demand for professionals equipped with information assurance training who can proactively defend our computer systems from these massive losses cannot be underestimated. Cybersecurity specialists need the kind of tools that work in real-time to stay ahead of the hacking curve. Protection starts on the smallest scale to make the biggest impact. Apps for Apple, Android and other devices are an essential part of an IT expert’s arsenal.

Dell PocketCloud

The Dell PocketCloud remote desktop app acts as a personal cloud that seamlessly functions on WiFi, 3G or 4G with any browser or mobile device. The pro version allows access to multiple computers, while the free version will connect users to one.

By providing a means of organization for digital content over a secure, encrypted connection, IT professionals can work on critical audits from anywhere, or troubleshoot for a client remotely. If an IT pro would rather bypass manual router changes, PocketCloud uses Auto Discovery configuration, which can be set up through a Google account. The app’s navigation circle function refines the traditional thumbing and tapping of smartphones to feel more like a mouse, which can be important for programs that require the precise motions a desktop allows.


The GetConsole app can offer a critical helping hand to IT experts working in the field, providing comprehensive connectivity by allowing an iPad to connect to serial network devices.

With command shortcuts, accurate error diagnosis and automatic session logging, GetConsole is built to sustain firewall inspection and has the potential to speed up the repair process. By logging every session, field IT engineers can review which actions enabled a resolution. The GetConsole configuration also boasts file management with upload and download capabilities.

Net Scanner 

This network scanner is not only a winner in the aesthetics department for its sleek interface, but its comprehensive reporting capabilities make it an important IT tool for anyone working in the cybersecurity sector.

The app functions on iOS devices, but allows for third-party integration to simplify the management of the device an IT user is inspecting. Net Scanner handles the analysis and inspection of network reports on space utilization, TCP ports, hardware and the operating system. But what makes Net Scanner ideal for an IT professional is its ability to provide real-time charts of network discoveries. This is a vital function when warding off potential cyber threats.

Linux Commands

If an IT professional’s expertise rests in platforms other than Linux, this free app is a convenient way to expand one’s skill set to accommodate client needs.

Delivering more than 500 Linux commands, Android users get an on-the-go education in the descriptions and programming language of each command. The app offers both IT veterans and Linux novices quick information that can be implemented as they work.

Regis University is designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency and offers a master's degree in information assurance.