MSIA 670 Enterprise Information Assurance

Learn information systems and how to protect them.

Format: Offered Online

Duration: 8 weeks

Credits: 3 credits

The drastic rise in cybercrimes means there’s an urgent need for security professionals across all industries. Successful information assurance professionals know where their vulnerabilities lie within Wide Area Networking, telecommunication, internetworking and wireless technologies, how to mitigate them with ease, and how to stay ahead of cyber threats.

Throughout the course, discussions, debates, documentaries, group projects and essay assignments will give you the opportunity to combine knowledge, principles and personal experiences to analyze and evaluate the factors associated with information assurance.

What You’ll Learn in MSIA 670

This course will provide a solid foundation of specific information assurance technologies and the methods employed to secure them from threats. You’ll learn how each technology operates and explore the strengths and weaknesses of each system. Using this knowledge, you’ll examine various approaches to conduct risk analysis and devise effective incident response plans. You’ll have the information you need to prevent and manage cyber threats in an information assurance role.

Course Topics

  • Wide Area Networking Essentials
  • Secure Telecommunications
  • Review & Secure Internetworking Concepts
  • Wireless Concepts and Strategies
  • Wireless Security
  • Risk Challenge and Response
  • Incident Response

Course Learning Outcomes

Describe Wide Area Networking fundamentals and the security strategies to secure the environment.

  • Define telecommunications fundamentals, how they operate, connect, and how to secure them.
  • Design and implement basic internetworking security devices to secure the enterprise.
  • Describe how wireless technologies operate, know their strengths and weaknesses, and how to secure them.
  • Recognize risk challenges and how to construct an effective Incident Response Plan.

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