MSIA 685 Malware Analysis and Response

Discover how to identify and respond to unwanted software intrusions.

Format: Offered Online and On-Campus

Duration: 8 weeks

Credits: 3 credits

When a malicious program is discovered on a network server, the damage to an organization can be catastrophic. In MSIA 685 Malware Analysis and Response, you’ll analyze malicious Windows programs used in cyber attacks and learn the appropriate response steps to restore the security of the network.

Throughout this course, discussions, debates, documentaries, group projects and essay assignments will give you the opportunity to combine knowledge, principles and personal experiences in order to analyze and evaluate the factors associated with malware analysis and response.

What You'll Learn in MSIA 685

This course is designed to teach you how to analyze malicious Windows programs and documents commonly used in cyber attacks and to develop the information necessary to quickly respond and contain a network intrusion.

Course Topics

Throughout this course, weekly topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Basic Analysis
  • Advanced Static Analysis
  • Advanced Dynamic Analysis
  • Malware Functionality

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of MSIA 685, you will be able to:

  • Apply basic and advanced malware analysis techniques to provide sufficient information to respond appropriately to a network intrusion.
  • Analyze malicious Windows executables and documents and develop professional quality malware analysis reports.
  • Identify common indicators of infection and characteristics of different types of malware.
  • Develop host- and network-based signatures to detect malware within a network.

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