What Does it Take to Become a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)?

As technology and the information society have exploded faster than most people can even keep up with, so have many new and innovative career opportunities. One of these exciting and emerging areas of expertise is as a Chief Information Security Officer, or CISO. This senior-level executive position is for a leader who can implement the company’s security initiatives to protect the company’s information, databases and technologies without interfering with its business goals and objectives.

With companies’ databases and infrastructure under constant attack, the CISO position is very important and the six-figure compensation reflects this. Salary.com reports the median annual salary of a CISO is $193,930. Many factors affect the overall salary, including the size of the company and the types of certifications the CISO candidate has. But today, the range is typically between $163,052 and $234,488.

The Technology Landscape is Constantly Changing

Cyber criminals are looking to breach any cyber fault that they can find. This constant and evolving threat means a CISO must know more than just understanding computer security technologies; they also must understand how to quantify risk. In addition to protecting your company’s market share and shareholders’ investments, you are protecting your company’s brand.

A CISO must have the skills to identify threats and know how to prevent them. In addition to having strong analytical skills required to prioritize the most important security measures, you must also be able to create an acceptable and realistic budget for such protection. Your security plan will need to include more than protecting the computer systems; you may need to set up catastrophe plans to protect online payment infrastructures or how to relocate manufacturing facilities in case of weather disasters or terrorist strikes.

And, once threats are identified, you must be able to present seamless security alternatives to keep the company’s core business running smoothly and profitably.

Earning the Right Degree

If you’re excited by the thought of preventing cybercrime, or exploring career opportunities that include forensics, risk management, information security governance, compliance and software development, earning your Master of Science in Information Assurance from Regis University’s online, on-campus or hybrid program could be your ticket to an exciting and rewarding career.

At Regis University you’ll learn the current IT trends related to data security, cyber threats and threat mitigation techniques, You will also learn how to stay current on trends in mobile malware and cloud infrastructure attacks.

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