Employer Interview: Jeff Jacoby at Raytheon

More and more companies are developing an interest in STEM programs such as the information assurance programs at Regis University. Watch as Jeff Jacoby, Program Engineering Director of Raytheon, describes how participating in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (RMCCDC) is a great way for employers to build their cyber workforce.

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JEFF JACOBY: Raytheon has a really big interest in STEM related programs. We recognize this country has a huge issue in supplying the demand for STEM related programs, and that’s really important within the areas of cybersecurity. We have a gap today and as the internet of things becomes more and more a reality, that gap becomes more of a chasm. This event is a great opportunity for colleges and universities to participate--to evaluate their own curriculum and to evaluate their students. We see it as a good partnership with schools as they’re looking to bolster their programs, and help build our cyber-workforce for the nation.

[Participating in the RMCCDC is a] great opportunity for companies because it really is a matter of a national crisis to build a cyber-workforce. It’s a good opportunity for your company to make itself more available and better known among our up and coming cyber stars.

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