Employer Interview: Dirk Anderson at Coalfire Systems

Discover how our Information Assurance Practicum within the Master’s of Information Assurance Program prepares you to defend organizations and secure the future of information security. Watch as Dirk Anderson of Coalfire Systems describes the significance of the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition and the importance of giving back to the community as a student and employer.

DIRK ANDERSON: Part of it is giving back to the community. Coalfire is a Colorado based company, our headquarters is in Louisville, Colorado, and we like to participate by giving back to the community here. Also, part of it is we’re always looking for employees, and there is definitely a shortage of talented folks in the community right now. So anything we can do to help improve the college and high school programs to help bring that level of education around, information security specifically up. What’s really nice about this program is that the way that it’s training people is what we really look for. People who can defend businesses and enterprises, not just necessarily going out and red tapping things which is fun but people that are actually going to be able to bring value to a business and with the knowledge of how to protect them.

It’s a key opportunity here and the nice thing is this is a regional event so they’re bringing in folks from colleges all around the Rocky Mountain States. We have offices all over the country, and it’s nice to meet folks not just right out of the local university.

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