Certificate in IA Policy Management Courses

Certification to Protect Individuals and Industry

The Certificate in IA Policy Management is a great way for professionals to advance their skill sets and continue to grow their careers – both personally and financially. Students in this field of study will learn how to examine current security standards and auditing practices, determine risk management protocols, and familiarize themselves with all aspects of enterprise security.

The Graduate Certificate in IA Policy Management gives students the skills needed to keep sensitive information and data safe. It’s also an accelerated path to becoming an expert and positioning oneself competitively in the information assurance field. This graduate certificate can be earned online, on campus, or a combination of both, in as little as one year. Courses are chosen from the list of classes below. A total of 12 credits are required to receive a graduate certificate in IA policy management. Students can choose four of the six classes listed below.

The IA Policy Management courses include:

  • Information Enterprise Assurance
  • Managing a Secure Enterprise
  • Legal Basics in Cyber and Information Security
  • Planning/Implementing Architecture Security
  • Risk Management
  • Information Technology Auditing

IA Policy Management (12 Credit Hours)

By completing four of six classes listed below, you can be eligible for the Master of Science in Information Assurance (MS in IA) degree with a specialization in Information Assurance Policy Management. Course credits from this certificate can be applied the MS in IA.

MSIA 670 Information Enterprise Assurance Introduces the basic Information Assurance (IA) model, security of the database, the application and the system. Examines current security standards, best practices and auditing practices.

MSIA 672 Managing a Secure Enterprise Provides the knowledge of designing and managing a secure enterprise. Includes aspects of enterprise security, physical security, disaster-recovery planning, and business continuity planning.

MSIA 673 Legal Basics in Cyber and Information Security Legal interpretation of security policy and resulting obligations providing a background to create a stable set of processes, frameworks, and models capable of handling multiplying domestic and international laws and regulations. Prerequisite(s): MSIA 670 and MSIA 672 or permission of instructor.

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MSIA 674 Planning/Implementing Architecture Security Explores security policy development, implementation and standards compliance and testing on corporate systems, application and data. Examines target architectures: telecommunications and wireless enterprise corporate data network.

MSIA 678 Risk Management Prepares students to evaluate an organization's exposure to information technology security threats using rigorous policy and standards-based analysis of the existing policy directives and the derived threat matrix.

MSIA 684 Information Technology Auditing Combines accounting, regulation and IT security practices to educate students to protect organizational assets through establishment of auditing best practices, current governmental reporting standards, Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and secure management techniques.

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