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Transform Your Information Assurance Career with Our Degree Completion Options

Regis University’s Master of Science in Information Assurance provides you with three degree completion options – courses that demonstrate the cumulative material of the program – that help tie everything you’ve learned to-date together and put it into practice. Each option is suited to different learning styles and has its own unique advantages. Whether you select the Graduate Capstone, Information Assurance Practicum, or Graduate Thesis, these opportunities ensure success throughout your career.

Choose from one of the three options below:

MSCC 693 Graduate Capstone (3 credit hours)

In the eight week graduation capstone, you will participate in a case-based scenario during which you will examine a predefined business scenario and act as an individual function of an IT team.

This course is a simulation of a real-world technology organization, and tasks you with determining a solution in response to a change in the structure of a business. This strengthens your critical analysis skills and further develops the skills you’ve acquired in previous courses.

Course Facts

  • Ideal Student: Enjoys group work and a fast-paced learning environment
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Final Project: Essay and oral presentation
  • Benefit: Lower time commitment compared to other options

MSCC 698 Graduate Thesis (3 credit hours)

The graduate thesis is an extensive writing project where you’ll create a substantial body of original scholarly work, specifically in the area of information technology. This course prepares you for continuing education and the world of teaching through the preparation of a proposal, selection of literature, and creation of a written and oral presentation. While working alongside a faculty advisor along the way, this course takes six months to one year for completion.

Course Facts

  • Ideal Student: Students who want to teach, obtain a Ph.D., or otherwise further their education
  • Duration: 6-12 months
  • Final Project: Written and oral presentation
  • Benefit: Sharpens research skills and writing ability, ideal for those interesting in becoming educators.

MSIA 696 Information Assurance Practicum II (3 credit hours)

Led by Dan Likarish, thought leader and expert within the field of Information Assurance, this course provides the opportunity to gain invaluable experience, equivalent to an internship, throughout the IA field.

Throughout the practicum, you’ll participate in hands-on operational assignments that emphasize securing infrastructure, reviewing systems, and test hacking and vulnerability among organizations through the use of sophisticated hardware and software equipment, including:

  • Hardware:
    • Storage – HDS fiber attached
    • Blade server
    • Routing Infrastructure
    • NOC control center
  • Software
    • Alien Vault
    • Netflow Scrutinizer
    • Kali tools

While most of the course is focused on the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, students will also focus on other small projects with various partners such as the National Guard. In fact, CBS Denver ran a story regarding how cyber smoke jumpers with the National Guard were challenged by Regis University professors and students to fight cyberattacks. Watch the video here.

Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
The duration of the course emphasizes the importance of the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, a two-day event focused on the operational aspect of managing and protecting an existing commercial network infrastructure.

The competition is in its fourth year. Regis competes against other schools from Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico and Colorado. The competition provides students with the opportunity to test their cybersecurity skills, knowledge and abilities against long odds and enormous pressure. The team with the most points wins the right to represent the region at the national competition and demonstrate their skills to potential employers. Watch the video to learn more!

Employers also attend the regional competition in search of local, current and future security network and systems engineers. Listen to employers from Raytheon and Coalfire Systems talk about their experience.

Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cyber Defense CompetitionEmployer Interview: Dirk Anderson at Coalfire SystemsEmployer Interview: Jeff Jacoby at Raytheon

While the practicum is designed as an intense, time consuming course, it is also a hands-on, organized experience that provides the real-world practice you would receive through an internship. For students looking to gain invaluable experience that will help you throughout your career, prepare to immerse yourself in an interactive, dynamic course.

Due to the unique nature of this course, instructor permission is required for registration. Students interested in taking this course must demonstrate excellence throughout their degree.
MSIA 692

Course Facts

  • Ideal Student: Students who want real world experience equivalent to an internship. Students who work best in a loosely supervised but structured environment. Students restricted by confidentiality agreement at work, a non-working career changer, or a foreign student with visa limitations.
  • Duration: 6 month minimum obligation
  • Final Project: Journal of events and lessons learned, written lab manual or operations procedure, PPT review doc, research document that represents your lab legacy. This course will take 150 – 200 hours of time.
  • Benefit: The work experienced and connections made with potential employers is invaluable.

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