IA Policy Management Specialization

Prevent Cyber Attacks With Strategic Thinking

Managing the security process in a virtual environment is vital role within information assurance. This specialization offers a transformative view of cybersecurity – looking through a broader lens to address the various policies and procedures needed to implement a bulletproof security strategy. Learn to take a leading role in this important task.

By focusing your degree with the IA Policy Management Specialization, you will learn high-level threat control and data privacy. Our techniques help tomorrow’s data protectors plan for physical security breaches, disaster recovery, and implementation of enterprise and architecture security systems, risk management, and auditing best practices.

Graduates from the IA Policy Management Specialization courses may go into data protection for risk management, enterprise architecture, or disaster recovery positions. Many government agencies and military/defense organizations – including the National Security Agency/Central Security Service and Department of Defense – as well as financial institutions and security consulting firms are actively recruiting for high performing individuals in this in-demand career path. Graduates may work to develop computer security policies, business continuity plans, or may provide relief to companies after a security breach providing disaster recovery strategies.

What is an IT Security Strategy?

An IT security strategy, or cybersecurity strategy, takes a holistic approach to computer security; identifying and analyzing potential threats against individuals and industry in existing intelligence, infrastructure, and technology. Its purpose is to improve and maintain an organization’s security state, mitigating risk as new technologies, hardware and software applications are acquired, integrated and deployed. The strategy’s scope should encompass plans to provide a front line of defense against a full spectrum of immediate and future threats, including educating employees who may unwittingly expose the organization to risk by sharing data or downloading malware, as well as a comprehensive plan for disaster recovery and crisis management after a security event.

For graduates interested in Policy Management, the scope of a cybersecurity strategy is exciting because it provides opportunities to work in IT operations, risk management, employee training and development, corporate governance, and technology roles beyond cybersecurity.

While there is no fail-safe defense against cyber-attacks, the information security industry needs skilled problem solvers to develop appropriate triage plans for their organizations that provide all the benefits of technology, interconnectivity, and an open internet while holding the line against would-be intruders.

IA Policy Management Careers

Graduates from Information Assurance Policy Management Specialization degree programs have a variety of information assurance and IT security careers to choose from. After graduating from this highly specialized field of study, graduates will find numerous career options where they can focus on everything from enterprise architecture to compliance and governance to disaster recovery. Salaries for positions in enterprise architecture and information, network and computer security range from $72,000 to $91,000.1

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